Couch Player

What does it do?

Couch Player is the one true music player for your iPad. Organizing your music and creating playlists becomes intuitive, easy, comfortable and fun. Tune in to the Couch Player experience – You will not want to tune out!

When the iPad was first demonstrated on stage in San Francisco, it happend from the comfort of a couch. This cleverly highlighted the device’s effectiveness as a living room companion. The Couch Player music app follows this essential founding principle.

Create any number of Playlists from your iPad’s digital music library using simple gesture controls and instantly switch between them for complete and efficient control of your albums, tracks and playlists. The intuitive user interface and features like the contextual search option offer a depth of personalization and organization that your music library has never known. Couch Player hands you the tools that you always missed from other audio solutions for the iPad.

Tune in to the Couch Player experience – You will not want to tune out!


Dynamic creation of in-app playlists
Intelligent playback controls remain on-screen and accessible at all times
Contextual search function for easy access to similar albums
Volume fade between operations for an unobtrusive listening experience
Sync new music through iTunes as usual
Great for parties, music venues, events, personal use and the entire family
Create and save as many playlists as you like
Gesture controls and a smooth, responsive user interface
A media kit with images and a press release is provided for download here. If you have any questions please send us an email and we will get back to you.
For feature and support requests please send us an email.