WiFi2HiFi 2.0

What does it do?

Using the WiFi2HiFi application any iOS device in reach can tune in to the music you're listening to on your Mac. Cumbrous audio cables are replaced with smart streaming technology and specifically designed software for your Mac. Plug your iPhone or iPad into a docking station, connect it to your audio system, or just use its speakers and have your Mac's entire music collection, audio streams and any web radio ready to play. Like this, you can set the tune for all your friends and family from the comfort of your couch.


Use any iOS device you want to groove to your favourite beats

Wifi2Hifi enables you to stream music to any iPhone and iPad in range of your wireless connection.

Easy to use

Start streaming once you start the app. Your iPhone and iPod devices are automatically detected.

Compatible with every music program, streaming service and web radio

No matter what audio program your using, or if your streaming music from one of the many streaming services on the internet, if you can hear the music on your computer you can always stream it using Wifi2Hifi.

High reliability

Even on weak wireless networks, Wifi2Hifi provides excellent sound quality and stability.

Practical media buttons

Control your music directly through your mobile iOS using the new media buttons.

How does it work?

Install the free Wifi2Hifi Station on your Mac and you're ready to stream to any iPhone and iPad running the Wifi2Hifi App! Thereby, Wifi2Hifi turns iPhones and iPads into mobile audio receivers and eliminates the need for cumbrous audio cables.
Wifi2Hifi is compatible with every audio solution available for Mac. Regardless, if streaming services, web radios, audio programs or other solutions are utilized to generate audio output- Wifi2Hifi is able to stream it from the users Mac to any iPhone and iPad running the Wifi2Hifi App!

Get WiFi2HiFi Station 2.0

Works with OS X 10.7 and later versions

Watch the video for more information.

A media kit with images and a press release is provided for download here. If you have any questions please send us an email and we will get back to you.
Can't hear any Sound on your iOS device?
Points to check:
  • You have downloaded the station from the new website new website, not the old website.
  • Both the volume on the iOS device and on OSX are turned up.
  • Music is playing on your computer.
  • WiFi2HiFi Station is installed and running.
  • The correct WiFi2HiFi Station is selected in the stations view in the WiFi2HiFi app.
  • Both the iOS device and the computer are in the same WLAN.
  • Your firewall is not blocking WiFi2HiFi Station.
The WiFi2HiFi Station does not show any running WiFi2HiFi apps.
This probably means that the Bonjour Service is not running correctly on your network. As a workaround you can type the address of your iOS device manually in the Wifi2Hifi Station App. The IP address of your iOS device is displayed inside the Wifi2Hifi App.
Why can I not hear any audio after forcing WiFi2HiFi Station to shut down?
Most probably the sound settings have not been reset when you forced WiFi2HiFi Station to quit. Open System preferences -> Sound and select Internal Speakers.
Is there a way to decrease the latency?
In the system settings of the iPhone there is a switch to decrease the latency. Please note that this can cause hickups in the audio on slow networks.
Can I stream music to multiple iPhones?
Streaming music to multiple iPhones or iPods is supported. However the music streams might not be perfectly synchronized.
I have two computers running WiFi2HiFi Station. How can I switch between the two audio streams on my device?
To switch between stations just tab on the station you want to listen to on the app.
Why cant I hear any audio from Skype after installing the WiFi2HiFi Station?
The current Skype version does not switch the audio driver automatically. You have to turn WiFi2HiFi off and restart skype.
How does WiFi2HiFi Station grab the audio on MAC OS?
WiFi2HiFi Station uses two separate programs to stream the audio to the iPhone:
  • A driver called Soundflower grabs the stream and sends it to the input port. Thanks to Cycling '74 for making this cool extension!
  • A daemon listens to the audio on the input port and sends it over the network.
How can I uninstall WiFi2HiFi Station from my Mac?
Use the uninstaller script in the Stations download Folder or delete 'Soundflower.kext' manually from /System/Library/Extensions. The App can be deleted manually from the Applications folder.
Can I install WiFi2HiFi Station on a Power PC running Snow Leopard?
Running WiFi2HiFi Station on a Power PC is not supported. There are no workarounds.
For feature and support requests please send us an email.